What does the Circus Museum have to offer for kindergartens?

Circus Kaputski

A circus experience for body and soul!

Together with a member of the museum staff, the children will create a magical circus universe. The children will experience the joy of challenging their own bodies, and they will discover what they are capable of. The simple physical exercises strengthen their motor skills, and everyone can join in. Through dialogue about the circus, the children’s language skills and vocabulary is expanded. Their imagination will develop when they join in building an all new Circus Kaputski.

The experience will inspire the children to play, tell stories and move in new and exciting ways. All these things can be brought home to the kindergarten afterwards.

Preparation: Read the story about the original Circus Kaputski and talk about circus with the children.

The story of Circus Kaputski will be attached to your booking confirmation via e-mail.

Price: 400 DKK

Duration: Ca. 45 min.

Age group: 4-6 years

Participants: Max 15 children and 4 adults per group

Booking: or phone: +45 36 49 00 30