Organisational structure

The Circus Museum opened in 2001, and from 2004 it has been administrated by Hvidovre Municipality. The museum is organisatorically connected with Forstadsmuseet, which is a museum of the local history of Hvidovre and Brøndby.

Mission statement

We create inclusive, expansive, and emphatically driven experiences which build respect for circus as an art form and an understanding of circus culture.


We strive to be the foremost hub of knowledge and experience connected with circus culture and artistry, where artists gather and their artistry is used for the greater good.


To create a setting for fellowship and joy of life.

Our core values


We believe in the good in every human being. Thus, we trust each other and you as a guest completely.


When we let reason rule over bureaucracy, we can act quicker. That also entails that each staff member has a great responsibility in making their own relevant decisions.


We greet our guests and each other with a smile on our faces, and laughter is always close by in the daily routines.


We treat our areas of research respectfully.


We have the courage to innovate and make a leap of faith into new ways of working and being.


We value the strengths of each individual and embrace diversity, both in each other and in our guests.


We are dedicated and passionate about providing relevant and captivating experiences.

End-of-year report

Our latest end-of-year report can be found here. If you would like a version compatible with screen reader software, we ask you to contact us via or phone: +45 36 49 00 30.


Each year, we produce an ESG-report, which clarifies what goals we wish to fulfill concerning sustainability, society and leadership in our organisation. The report also contains information about what actions have already been taken to run the museum as responsibly as possible.