Pedagogical profile

In the buildings of the old garrison, Avedørelejren, we invite students into the colourful world of circus culture and history.

At the Museum, the children will experience authentic circus costumes with colourful pearls and sequins, curious and strange performance props, as well as photos and films of amazing circus performances. In our venue for circus training, the students will work with a professional artist and experience not only history, but circus as a living art form.

Daring to show off

The pedagogical profile of the Circus Museum is based on the core values of working in the circus. These values include:

  • Finding your personal expression
  • Daring to show off
  • Daring to fail
  • Cooperating
  • Being dedicated
  • Being supportive

An educational experience at the Circus Museum therefore always consists of a physical element, in which the students work with our professional artist and experience the different circus disciplines first-hand.

Colourful costumes and amazing performances

The above mentioned core values are connected to the museum exhibition through its stories of real-life circus artists. Via authentic artist stories, the students get to know a new and mesmerizing culture, and the performers’ creativity, courage and dedication are all brought to the fore and are directly linked to the students’ own lives and experiences. Through dialogue-based teaching, group work and physical exercises, we wish to unravel Danish circus history for the students, pushing them to reflect on how the core values of the circus may be implemented in the students’ own lives.

Cooperation and well-being

Among other things, working with the concept of the circus can be used to strengthen cooperation between students, as well as improving class well-being. The unique setting of the Circus Museum creates an opportunity for students to experience themselves and each other in new ways, where almost everyone are beginners. In this setting, it is all right to fail, it is all right to be less than perfect. The time used in the venue for circus training will make them break a sweat, smile, and give them experiences they can bring back to school. Our goal is that every student goes home with a feeling of success, as well as learning to acknowledge each other and experience the joy of being acknowledged. Simultaneously, they will gain respect for all the hard work put in by the professional circus performers, through learning about it in the exhibition.

A visit to the Circus Museum’s school service is an experience for life. The students will receive tools and experiences which might benefit them in many different situations and challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. Furthermore, they will experience an instant boost in class well-being and cooperation skills.