We offer a unique

teambuilding experience


Give your company or team a different and fun-filled experience by bringing them to the Circus Museum for a teambuilding exercise. Our professionel circus artists will put you to the test when you are given the task of creating your own circus show.

Depending on the number of participants you will be given different tasks and under professional instruction you will try things like juggling, acrobatics or magic tricks. You will see your collegues in a new light, and you have to motive others and work together in order to make the show come to life.

The show itself is quite a challenge, but a fun one, and afterwards you will have plenty to talk about.

We can create teambulding events that last from one hour to an entire day. We can cater for groups ranging from 5 to 150 participants. We can also arrange food and beverage during the event.

Contact Mikkel Knudsen mkk@hvidovre.dk Phone: +45 36490030 for further information.

5-25 participants. 1 hour of teambuilding and no show with one artist 4000 DKK excl. moms (VAT)

5-25 participants. 2 hours of teambuildingwith one artist concluding with a show 6000 DKK excl. moms (VAT)

25-50 participants. 1 hour of teambuilding with two artists and no show 7000 DKK excl. moms (VAT)

25-50 participants. 2 hours of teambuilding with two artists concluding with a show 9000 DKK excl. moms (VAT)

25-50 participants. 3 hours of teambuilding with two artists concluding with a show 11,000 DKK excl. moms (VAT).

Contact Mikkel Knudsen mkk@hvidovre.dk for prices for teambuilding events with more participants.