Lots of Summer fun at the museum

Join the Circus Fun, listen to wild stories, catch the circus thiefe or enjoy the exhibition Circus Through 250 Years in July.

From Sunday to Thursday from  2. July to the 31. July from 11-12.30 you can try out everything from juggling to trapeze at Circus Fun. The 2.-3. July and the 9.-10. july it takes place in our small circus tent, where there will be no trapeze. Every other day it takes place in Fægtesalen, where you will find all the props you need.

From Monday to Thursday from to 2. July to the 24. at 12.30 you can hear Wild Stories from the world of circus in our exhibition. If you wish to hear the stories in english just let us know at the reception, then we will do the stories in english right after the danish version.  It takes around 10 min.

Circus celebrates 250 years this year. We have collected a number of questions regarding the world of circus, that at the same time shows the evolution of the circus. Those question you can find the answers to in our exhibition Circus Through 250 Years.

We have a new activity for the children families called Catch the Circus Thiefe. Here you need to prevent the thiefe in stealing the finest props at the museum by finding his secret codes. It is a fun way to discover the exhibition.

All the activities are included in the entrance fee.