Activities during the Winter Holidays week 7

Experience the crazy drum phenomenon Kalle Matthiesen’s World Tour the 13th-16th of February at 11. Armed with loop station, drum set, bass, balloons, pied animals, knight’s helmet, drill and a good dose of self-irony, Kalle serves up world-class musical entertainment.

Friday the 17th of February Kalle leaves the stage to Mugge, who will entertain with enjoyable artistry and jokes for all ages.

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New exhibition

In the museum’s new exhibition, you can get an exciting insight into circus life. The exhibition especially encourages children to explore and find out more about life behind the ring. You can also go on a treasure hunt at the museum and experience the exhibitions in a different way.

Circus activities
If you consider circus life yourself, it is a good idea to find out if you e.g. should aim to be a juggler, line dancer, trapeze artist or something completely different. That is possible when the museum offers Circus Games Monday to Friday in week 7 from 12.30-2.30 p.m.

If the family is more into quiet activities, you can go to the museum’s creative workshop, where you can make your own nice clown costume.

All activities will also be on in week 8 except the shows