Sign up for Circus School

Børn i pyramideformation
If you want to learn to juggle, do aerial acrobatics, walk on a tightrope and at the same time make new friends, 
you must sign up for the museum's circus school!  

Team 1: Circus training 4-5 years
Wednesdays at 15.30-16.15

Team 2: Circus training 6-8 years
Wednesdays at 16.30-17.30

Team 3: Circus training 9-16 years
Wednesdays at 17.30-18.30

Team 4: Aerial acrobatics 7-16 years
Wednesdays at 18.30-19.30

The circus school runs from 15/3 to 24/5 and the price is DK 365 for a total of 10 times. The students finish the circus school with a joint performance on 24/5.

If you have questions about the Circus School, you are welcome write